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As a manual therapy, it works without the risks or side effects of surgery or drugs. Graston Technique. more Longmont Physical Therapist, Longmont Physical Therapy, Longmont Wurn Technique, Visceral Manipulation, Yoga Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Trigger Point Needling, Myofascial Release, Postural and Movement Re-education, adhesions, internal scar tissue, less The Wurn Technique was originally created to treat the adhesions co-author and physical therapist Belinda Wurn developed after pelvic surgery and radiation therapy following a diagnosis of cervical cancer. Kathy Hess, PT treats a patient with the Wurn Technique, a hands on therapy for chronic pain, infertility and adhesions. Richard King, MD, Medical Director, Clear Passage Therapies, : What youre doing with the manual physical therapy its with tension, youre separating these., Larry Wurn, President, Clear Passage Therapies: Theyll feel thicker and harder. +1 (203) 736 5200, 9365 S. McKemy Street, Suite 101, At 33 and newly married, Belinda Wurn was thrilled with her life. +1 (651) 797 6469, 405 Commerce Place Two very painful things most patients with Endometriosis have to deal with. We then perform a highly specialized manual hands-on therapy to treat the causes of your pain or dysfunction. The Wurn technique is said to improve fertility and boost a woman's chances of becoming pregnant. London Clear Passage use a unique manual therapy (the Wurn Technique ) and protocol (the Clear Passage Approach ) to treat chronic pain and dysfunction, including post-surgical pain, small bowel obstruction and female infertility.Clear Passage therapists receive exclusive training, certification and licensing to provide the Wurn . Always. Doctors typically provide answers within 24 hours. Or challenge them. The Graston tool is a stainless steel instrument used to heal injuries to soft tissues, such as sprains, strains, subluxations, and repetitive use injuries. . Treating fallopian tube occlusion with a manual pelvic physical therapy. WURN (1040 kHz "Actualidad 1040") is a commercial AM radio station Miami, Florida. 09/887,884 filed June 22, 2001 by Lawrence J. Wurn and Belinda F. Wurn. Hes had several surgeries to treat small bowel obstructions. Ive opened many of the links and plan to check out more about the Wurn process. 41125 N. DAISY MTN DR. STE 121, ANTHEM, AZ 85086 Elizabeth Busch, Patient: For me it was pain with intercourse, it was a chronic, deep, right groin pain.. We also build showcase homes that are available for immediate purchase. Over time, even the wear and tear of everyday life can cause muscle fibers to adhere to each other irregularly. 2004 Jun 18;6(2):51. Review. Business Hours: This friction will help promote the healing process of your soft tissue injury. They began developing their own methods and manual therapy techniques to ease her chronic pain, which ultimately became known as the Wurn Technique. Further studies are needed to evaluate if the Stage of Endometriosis has any bearing on the treatment outcomes. . And, it was working! New Richmond, WI, 54017 The Graston technique is a form of instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM). Physicians and scientists from respected medical schools endorse this work, and help guide our team in its ongoing scientific inquiries. Do you have a sports injury or injury from a car accident? The Wurn Technique : Improve Infertility and AdhesionPain? Westfall Technik Europe GmbH KorbacherstraBe 19, 3883 Howard Hughes Pkwy, Las Vegas, NV 89169, 3883 Howard Hughes Pkwy., Suite 590, Las Vegas, NV 89169. After poring over a patient's medical history and current complaints, the first treatment of the Wurn technique is likely to involve the isolation and subtle softening of particular adhesions in the body. The Wurn's are a godsend to humanity. The station airs a Spanish-language news/talk radio format. I hadnt until a few weeks ago when I received an email from Clear Passage with links to a recently-published study showing the Wurn Technique can improve infertility issues, as well as reduce Endometriosis pain. While they call this expanded work and their philosophy of patient involvement the Clear Passage Approach(CPA), the WT remains at the core of all of our therapies. This study found that Clear Passage and the Wurn Techniques had pregnancy rates1.5 times higher than IVF alone. Tijuana, B.C. Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Journal of Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Disorders, Journal of Endometriosis and Pelvic PainDisorders, alternative-therapies-in-health-and-medicine, journal-of-endometriosis-and-pelvic-pain-disorders. We believe that hearing and knowing the truth are basic patient rights. The Wurn philosophy believes that the adhesions are composed . The reason in seeking crowd funding is four-fold. [1] Wurn BF, Wurn LJ, King CR, Heuer MA, Roscow AS, Scharf ES, Shuster JJ. What happens if adhesions keep coming back. The amount of pressure used with the instrument, and the speed at which it is done will vary depending on the nature of your condition, and it will be adjusted throughout the treatment. The idea is to address any kind of adhesion-related problem, including overstretched, adhered or restricted connective tissue. Just another site Things in life that most people take for granted, but that had been denied to me for so long, slowly began to return. Craig Bowdens daughter started a Gofundme campaign to help with medical and travel expenses for his Wurn Technique treatments. Please complete the form below and we'll contact you to discuss a customized solution to fit your needs. Before and after films of the intestines show that a unique, hands-on physical therapy cleared life-. Patients come to Clear Passage locations from around the world and from all walks of life. Antioch, IL 60002 It is a type of manual therapy that incorporates special ergonomic tools, such as a Graston tool, that are used to gently massage and scrape parts of the skin. , Thanks, Marixsa! Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Asheboro, NC 27203 +1 (664) 414 9000, 20109 Paseo del Prado, Get On-Demand Access To This Class + 27 more 09/887,884 filed June 22, 2001 by Lawrence J. Wurn and Belinda F. Wurn. Fifty percent! It is believed that scar tissue and adhesions prevent the underneath body structures from moving properly. It is producing countless unanticipated benefits -- including restored female fertility -- as its story continues to unfold.In 1985, physical therapist Belinda Wurn was told she would . 09/887,884 filed June 22, 2001 by Lawrence J. Wurn and Belinda F. Wurn. After treatment, I had a gradual rise in estrogen which is consistent with healthy hormonal balance. Larry is a graduate of San Francisco State University (BS in English / Creative Writing, 1972) and the Florida Institute . 720, your pain or dysfunction. I decided to wander around the Internet for testimonials, questions, and nay-sayers about the Wurn Technique. The patient was treated with an intensive site-specific manual physical therapy called the Clear Passage Approach (CPA) or Wurn Technique for 4 hours a day for 5 consecutive days (a total of 20 hours). Top answers from doctors based on your search: Wurn technique for adhesions A 66-year-old male asked: I read recently that adhesions can only be determined by using laparoscpic techniques, is this the case ? They asked patients to help them identify what felt right and to become active members of the team treating them. PMID: 18251317. So, curious as I was, I read up on it, asked questions, and now I present this information to you! Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine (2015; Article) Ten-Year Retrospective Study on the Efficacy of a Manual Physical Therapy to Treat Female Infertility, Journal of Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain Disorders (2012; Article) Decreasing Dyspareunia and Dysmenorrhea in Women with Endometriosis Via a Manual Physical Therapy : Results from Two Independent Studies, Journal of Endometriosis and Pelvic PainDisorders (2014; Letter to the Editor) Update on Decreasing Dyspareunia and Dysmenorrhea in Women with Endometriosis Via a Manual Physical Therapy : Results from Two Independent Studies, ~ Again, I am a layman. Trademark Overview. Email (520 . Over the years, the Clear Passage team has developed, tested and published results on protocols that are effective in treating a wide variety of adhesion-related conditions including female infertility, womens health, hormonal conditions, chronic and post-surgical pain, and bowel obstructions. Wurn BF, Wurn LJ, King CR, et al. 24/7 Service. Study of and testing on its contents is required for any therapist before receiving training and licensure to provide this work. Most pain and dysfunction occurs over time. Contributor Information. The protocol includes over 200 individual techniques, including the Wurn Technique, designed to reduce and eliminate the adhesions that form wherever the body heals. She uses the Wurn Technique, which is the proprietary technique developed by Clear Passage founders Belinda and Larry Wurn. It wasn't until a specialist finally confirmed that he was plagued by abdominal adhesions, stemming from significant . It depends on the extent of adhesions and whats attached., Bookbabe posted an inquiry online back in 2013, and was met with skepticism, but also a few positive remarks. If you havent already done so, please complete our online Request Consultation form. This means that the Wurn Technique is a form of relaxing, physical therapy wherein specific, soft tissues of the body are systematically massaged. For these, please consult a doctor (virtually or in person). +1 (702) 829-8681, 575 Anton Blvd, Suite 1000 Immediately I had more range of motion.. Long-term and serious side effects: The primary lasting side effect of surgery is the formation of post-surgical adhesions [see graph]. An alternative option, which may lead to a year of reducedsymptoms. We have clinics throughout North America and the United Kingdom. In all cases, we review your specific goals, process all paperwork, and scrutinously review your medical history through our Gainesville Headquarters. As they began documenting remarkable results treating a variety of conditions, they realized that adhesions could affect any area or system of the body. July 3, 2022 In types of dismissive avoidant deactivating strategies. These are primarily made of soft tissue and muscle and are called adhesions. Tues: 7:00am - 7:00pm* From your first visit, we perform specialized manual hands-on therapy to treat the causes of. WURN is owned by Actualidad Media Group. Thus, we establish a two-way communication protocol with our patient to ensure their comfort level and full understanding of our intent and findings. Wurn technique is a unique therapy, developed by physical therapist Belinda Wurn & Larry Wurn. Adhesions are bands of internal scar tissue that the body forms in response to inflammation, infection, surgery, trauma, or radiation therapy. The Graston tool is a stainless steel instrument used to heal injuries to soft tissues, such as . Countless doctors could not give us any answers as to a source of these problems. On Tuesday, December 28, 1999, a trademark application was filed for WURN TECHNIQUE with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We feel it is important to address the body as a whole, rather than in parts. Yours ~ Lisa, This was one of the most interesting things Ive read all week. Dr. Mona Morstein, ND FAQ: Vitamin B12 and SIBO. Our focus is to deform the bonds that attach collagenous cross-links, the building blocks of adhesions. I am not from the US so getting a certified massage Wurn Technique therapist would not be possible. Are you suffering from a soft tissue injury? Over 3,600 outpatient facilities implement Graston Technique treatment plans. We are committed to meaningful scientific enquiry to examine the safety and measure the effectiveness of our therapy. Georgetown, Ontario, L7G 4R9 Canada Anyone have any info from having tried it?? Riverside, CA 92507 Nothin wrong with a little suspicion! In 2011, Clear Passage again hit the scientific and medical community to see how their Wurn Technique affected these painful issues associated with Endometriosis and the study was published in 2012. Each therapist must personally treat one of our founders, Larry or Belinda Wurn, before s/he is invited to undergo our training and certification. Some times an inflammatory process affects these tunnels and c Adhesions may be separated or lysed as well as excised and removed. Larry Wurn is CEO of Clear Passage. I stopped experiencing pain in my bowels, neck, and back. Any surgery could cause adhesions, most of the time pain gaseous distension will dissapper with time even may cause bowel obstruction, one way to find Adhesions can only be seen by direct visualization, either via laparoscopic or open surgery. 09/887,884 filed June 22 . Most patients who receive the Graston technique will undergo two treatments of body scraping a week, over a five-week time frame. Clear Passageuse aunique manual therapy(the Wurn Technique) and protocol (the Clear Passage Approach) to treat chronic pain and dysfunction, including post-surgical pain, small bowel obstruction and female infertility. Jun 2, 2017 #6 Again, it's been awhile since anyone posted on this, but am looking into the Wurn / Clear Passage treatment for my son who has a stricture in his colon. If curious, do your own research Validate my writings. amr covid testing results springfield, ma. This study examines the efficacy of a manual physical therapy treatment regimen on the pain and quality of life of subjects with a history of bowel obstructions due to adhesions in a prospective, controlled survey based study. Our technique is a natural, non-surgical, drug-free solution that treats the core problem, not just the symptoms. Which Came First: SIBO or Adhesions? In 2014, they submitted an update on that study! These histories include: a fall, trauma, accident, physical or sexual abuse, surgery in the abdomen, pelvis, back, hip or neck, infection or inflammatory process (e.g. Altern Ther Health Med. To learn more, please visit our. Fifty percent of the women still did not experience any pain with sex! After enduring surgery and radiation therapy, Belindas insides were scarred, creating a frozen pelvis. Conventional medicine did little to ease her suffering, so she and Larry studied physical therapy techniques in the US and abroad and practiced the manual physical therapy they had been learning. This is a pair of husband/wife physical therapists who like many other physical therapists, name a technique after themselves, write a few low level studies without any controls, compare them to surgical outcomes, write a book, develop a franchise, and like McDonalds they are exporting this technique to the world. jessica parker journalist father. Larry Wurn, LMT - IBS Adhesions: Surgery's Hidden Killer These homes are great for families who have a limited amount of time to make a move, or want a specific location within a community. They conducted a small clinical trialof a woman whoseFallopian tubes were both severely blocked,and she had been diagnosed with a frozen pelvis. At Clear Passage, you get more than a physical therapist you get a partner in your health. Adhesions and scar tissue can also occur on a smaller scale as a result of a cross-linking of muscle fibers. Initially developed to address pain Belinda experienced after pelvic cancer and surgery, the therapy can be completed in three to five days at Clear Passage Therapies(R) clinics in several US locations. bud factor x vs; Video chat with a U.S. board-certified doctor 24/7 in less than one minute for common issues such as: colds and coughs, stomach symptoms, bladder infections, rashes, and more. Clear Passageare a network of physio/physical therapy clinics. Clear Passage strives to provide our patients with the finest hands-on therapy in the world. "I had double-over pain," she said. It has proven to be a powerful healing tool for many women. The USPTO has given the WURN TECHNIQUE trademark a serial number of 75881837. A short video showing what treatment at Clear Passage is like.To view all of the conditions we treat please visit: http://www.clearpassage.com/treatments/ This new technique has been getting a lot of press lately and rightly so. With his wife Belinda, he co-developed the Wurn Technique and Clear Passage Approach, a non-surgical treatment for pain, female infertility, bowel obstruction, and sexual dysfunction. Clear Passage was created by Belinda and Larry Wurn after Belinda was diagnosed and treated for cervical cancer in 1984. +49 (0) 9383 38 116 15. Physical therapist Belinda Wurn uses a technique shown to decrease adhesions without surgery. Internal organs in the peritoneal cavity or in joints and other anatomical locations can stick toget Adhesions are scar tissue which can form after any abdominal surgery.

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